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Product detail page tips

The product detail page and all information on it will be used by all sellers.

General guidelines

  • Provide as much information as possible to help customers find your product and decide whether to buy it.
  • Use only official product data. Do not include merchandising information such as price reductions.
  • Do not include offer-specific information in the product information sections.
  • Do not include any information that is specific to your offers, such as price, quantity or condition. This information can be added during the offer listing process.

Listing Detail Tips:

  1. Add clear images: Without quality images, customers cannot make a confident decision to buy your product. We recommend at least three or more images, with the main image allowing the customer to zoom.
  2. Optimise product titles: Create concise but informative titles by using below format. This will ensure your product surfaces when any of these keywords are searched and that customers can quickly understand your key features on the results page

    [Manufacturer or Brand] + [Department if applicable] + [Model or Style Name or Number] + [Product Name] + [Key Product Features]

    • Example 1: Levi’s Mens 511 Slim Fit Jeans Indigo Size 32
    • Example 2: Dyson DC32 Animalpro Vacuum Cleaner 1400 Watt / HEPA Filter / Turbo

  3. Add 4+ bullet points: This will be one of the customer’s first touchpoints when they arrive on your product detail page. The customer should have a good understanding of the product’s key features after reading the bullet points.
  4. Add a description: This field is situated lower on the detail page and gives you an opportunity to provide more information about your product that the customer can take into account before purchase. You can include details like the product’s purpose or the brand vision.
  5. Assign correct product category: Always select the lowest subcategory associated with your product to ensure your product can be discovered as customers filter down through subcategories while browsing. Check the browse tree guide for a full list of categories and their “browse nodes”.
  6. Create variation families: Linking colours, sizes and other variations of one product style will give customers easy access to all the different variants available on one listing page and amplify your chances of getting page views.
  7. Add 5+ hidden search keywords: Add words under keyword “search terms” that describe the purpose, details and trends associated with your product that customers may search. You do not need to repeat words already in the title. For example you can add 'comfort', 'formal' or 'vintage' for a pair of heels. For help selecting keywords refer to the search listing optimisation and search term effectiveness help pages
  8. Add Brand and A+ brand content: Add product Brand names to improve searchability of your product. For Brand owners, register your brand to tell your Brand story directly on customers via A+ enhanced brand content.

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