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Create a claim code or message for a promotion

After you have chosen the type of promotion you want to run, you can ask the buyers to use a claim code to redeem it. You can also customize the promotion message.

  1. Under Step 3: Additional Options, choose whether your promotion requires a Single-use or Group claim code.
  2. Click Claim Code to expand the setting options.
  3. Enable One redemption per customer so the customer is able to enter the promotion code from their account. When a promotion is configured to provide a total amount of monetary discount (for example: $100), customers can spend that amount across multiple orders until they spend the total amount. For example, if a customer applies a $20 off promotion to one $100 order, the total amount the customer would spend is $80. If a customer applies a $20 off promotion to one $10 order, the total amount the customer would spend is $0 and they would have $10 remaining on the promotion that they can apply to a different order.
  4. For Group codes, click Suggest a code to generate a random claim code. You can also enter a custom claim code. The Promotion tool saves claim codes in uppercase letters and converts the numbers 0 (zero) and 1 (one) to uppercase letters O and I. This gives customers increased flexibility when they enter claim codes. For example, a customer could enter claim code "top10tix" or "TOPIOTIX," and either would be accepted at checkout.
  5. Select Claim Code Combinability to indicate how you want to allow claim codes to be combined from multiple promotions. For more information, see Combining promotions. Be aware of how you want to use unrestricted codes. For example, a buyer with access to two different unrestricted 50% off codes might be able to apply both to one order, resulting in a combined 100% off discount.
  6. Click Customize messaging to expand the setting options for required and optional messaging types, including Terms and conditions, and set the Display precedence.

    Option Description
    Checkout display text The default text is "Promotion Applied." This will be displayed on the checkout page.
    Short display text Provide text to display on the product detail page and in search results. This text will only display for sellers who are eligible to win Buy Box.
    Detail page display text (checkbox) Select this option to display a promotion message in the Promotions and Special Offers section on the product detail page. This text will only display for sellers who are eligible to win Buy Box. If you have won the Buy Box but this option is not selected, the product detail page will not display any information about the promotion.
    Purchased items display text This text will be used as the standard text option for Detail page display text.
    Detail page display text Select the standard text, which is populated with the Purchased items display text, or enter custom text.
    • Standard text is the default display text for instructions on how a buyer qualifies for your promotion, and will show up on the product detail page. For Percentage Off or Buy One Get One promotions, you can add hyperlinks for your promotion by setting the Applies to option to Qualifying Item in the Conditions box, and then setting the Detail page display text to Standard text.
    • Customized text allows you to create your own message for the promotion, which will be visible on the product detail page. Be sure that your custom text is clear and accurate to help customers understand the promotion.
    Display precedence This number governs the order of your promotions on the product detail page, in case you offer multiple promotions for the same item.
    Terms and conditions Enter other terms of your promotion.

  7. Click Review to verify the information you entered about your promotion. To make any changes, click Back.
  8. Click Submit.
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