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Ship products to Amazon

This page provides information on the options that you can use to create a shipping plan for sending inventory to Amazon fulfilment centres.

Note: To send inventory to Amazon for fulfilment, you must change the fulfilment method to Fulfilled by Amazon. For more information, go to List products for Fulfilment by Amazon.

You can send your inventory to Amazon by creating a shipping plan, packing your products, and sending them to the fulfilment centres that Amazon designates, using the carrier of your choice. Inventory that is sent to a fulfilment centre is usually scanned and made available for sale within three business days of delivery.

Options for creating a shipment include the following:

Send to Amazon A streamlined shipment creation workflow with simplified steps that saves you time when you replenish inventory. Create your shipments either by adding products from the Send to Amazon page or by uploading the list of products using an Excel spreadsheet. Get started with Send to Amazon.

Send your products to the locations that Amazon designates for your shipping plan. This ensures that your inventory is placed closer to customers and reduces the order delivery time for your products.

Not shipping your products as stated in your approved shipping plan (for example, by cancelling part of an approved shipping plan, misrouting a shipment, or sending an incomplete shipment) is not permitted. It leads to additional processing and handling that can delay receipt of your inventory and its availability for sale. This may also result in blocking of your shipment creation abilities.

Note: A fee for unplanned prep services will be charged for units that require labels but that are received with the item label missing. Go to Unplanned service(s) for more information. Planned prep or labelling, as part of the FBA Prep Service or FBA Label Service, might delay full receipt of your shipment. However, unplanned prep or prep that is not part of the FBA prep or label services might further delay complete receipt of your deliveries by up to 48 hours.

To learn how to help ensure safe and on-time delivery to our fulfilment centres, go to Shipping and routing requirements.

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