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Shipment Label Requirements

Help to ensure your products arrive safely and quickly at an Amazon fulfilment centre by following these important requirements for shipment labels and packaging your inventory.

After you decide what you will be shipping to Amazon and determine the appropriate shipping method and carrier to use, it's time for labelling and packaging.

Each box and pallet you ship to an Amazon fulfilment centre must be properly identified with a shipment ID label. Follow these guidelines for labelling your boxes:

  • Print the full set of labels. Because each label is unique, do not photocopy, reuse or modify labels for use on additional boxes.
  • Labels supported measure 84 mm x 101.6 mm.
  • Do not place labels on a seam or opening on the box as they will be damaged when the box is opened.
  • The FBA shipment label should be placed next to the carrier label on a flat surface of the box, so that barcodes do not fold over edges or corners.
  • Both labels must remain uncovered so that they are scannable and readable.
  • Each box you include in the shipment must have its own FBA shipment label printed from your Shipping Queue.
  • Each pallet you send needs four labels, one in the top centre of each side.
  • If you are shipping multiple case-packs in a primary carton, apply the unique shipping label on the primary carton you are using for shipping products to Amazon fulfilment centres. You do not need to apply the unique shipping labels to the individual case packs inside the primary carton.

You can print shipment labels within the Shipment Creation Workflow. If you have already created your shipment, you can access your shipment from the Shipping Queue.

Amazon-Partnered Carrier (Feature may not be available in your region)

Important: When using the Amazon Partnered Carrier account to create pre-paid shipping labels, your account will be charged for the cost of shipping if you do not cancel within 24 hours, even if you do not use the label. Canceling the shipment does not cancel the Inbound Transportation Charge for the Amazon-partnered carrier. You must void the charges under the Provide Details tab. If 24 hours have passed since approving the charges, you will not be able to cancel the charges or receive a refund.

Within the shipping workflow is the option to take advantage of Amazon's deeply discounted shipping rates. In the Select Carrier screen of the workflow, select Small Parcel Delivery as your shipping method and Amazon-Partnered Carrier as the Small-parcel delivery Carrier. After you click Save and Continue, enter the number of packages and the weight of each package.

Note: Large, light-weight packages may incur a dimensional weight surcharge.

The shipping workflow will provide an estimate for the shipment. If you accept the charges, your account will be billed for the cost of shipping.

After you have completed your shipment, give your box to your regularly scheduled UPS pick-up driver or take the package to a local UPS location.

Note: You can still cancel charges for the shipment and use the another carrier by clicking Cancel Charges below the Estimated Shipping Cost provided you cancel within 24 hours of accepting the charges.

If you decline the charges, you will be returned to the Select Carrier screen so you can select another carrier option.

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