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Approvals for Shipping Settings

The Shipping Settings page is available on the Settings drop-down menu only to those account users who have approvals to modify the account settings. If you do not have approvals, only the primary account holder for your account (not Amazon) can grant them to you. The primary account holder is the person who initially registered with Amazon.

Primary account holders can grant approval for users from the User Permissions page. Go to the Settings drop-down menu and select User Permissions. On the User Permissions page, you can add a user or select an existing user and click Edit to modify their permissions. Scroll down to the Settings section and locate Shipping Settings.

There are three levels of Shipping Settings approvals:

None These users have no access to Shipping Settings.
View These users can only view Shipping Settings.
View and Edit These users can create and modify Shipping Settings.
CAUTION: Primary account holders should be careful not to grant View and Edit approvals to users that are unauthorised to create or modify shipping terms.
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