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Issue Concessions

Sellers may occasionally want to compensate buyers for order issues aside from or in addition to refunding basic order costs. When a buyer receives a defective item, for example, the seller may cover the cost of return shipping in order to retrieve the item.

Both the full and partial refund options in Manage Orders allow sellers to make concessions to buyers. There are line items for two types of concessions:

  • Return Shipping Concession
  • Other Concession

When a concession is issued, the full amount of the concession will be debited from the seller's account.

Refunds and Concessions

Sellers can always issue partial or full refunds for order costs, such as the product price or the shipping the buyer paid originally. Concessions allow sellers to compensate buyers for order issues as an alternative to or in addition to refunding order amounts. For example, in the case of a defective item, a seller might provide a return shipping concession and then process a full refund once the seller has received the return.

The Partial Refund screen displays line items for the refunds and concessions available for an order. On the Full Refund or Partial Refund screen, concession line items will show specific maximum amounts for the Return Shipping Concession and Other Concession fields.

The maximum amount shown for Return Delivery Concession will be equal to twice the amount of the original delivery cost, plus S$10. The amount for Other Concessions will be equal to the remainder of the total concession amount allowed, up to S$150. Refer to below for an explanation of how the maximum allowable amounts are calculated.

To issue a concession, follow these steps:

  1. Use the pop-up menu to select the appropriate Reason for Refund.

    This is required in all cases, even when a concession is issued.

  2. Enter the amount of the return shipping and/or other concession into the Amount to Refund box.

    Limits are displayed in the Max Amount column. If the total amount requested exceeds the total for product price and shipping, you will receive a pop-up asking you to confirm the concession.

  3. Optional: Add a Memo to Buyer.

    This is a good customer service practice.

  4. Click Submit Refund.

    Allow up to 15 minutes for the data to be updated.

  5. Optional: Add a Seller memo.

    This will not be displayed to the buyer but may help you track actions on the order. You may add, revise or delete notes in a seller memo at any time.

Sellers can create both a Buyer memo and Seller memo when issuing concessions or refunds. The Your note option allows you to track the actions you have taken on an order and includes reminders for next steps. The memo accepts 255 characters and you may continue to add new information or remove old information as needed.

Concession Limits

There are limits on the total amount sellers may provide to buyers when they issue order refunds and concessions. An order refund can not exceed the total amount originally paid by the buyer. The amount allowed in concessions, however, may exceed the total cost of the order itself.

Amazon displays the concession maximum for each item in an order using a formula that calculates the higher of the following two numbers:

  • Limit 1: 50% of the sum of original buyer-paid shipping plus product price.
  • Limit 2: Twice the original buyer-paid shipping cost, plus S$10 plus S$20.

If P = Product Price and S = Original Shipping Cost, the formulas for determining the maximum amount allowed for concessions would look like this:

  • Limit 1 Formula: 0.5*(P+S)
  • Limit 2 Formula: (2*S)+S$30
Example 1

Product Price S$175.00
Original Shipping Cost S$25.00
Total S$200.00
Limit 1 Calculation 0.5 x 200 = S$100.00
Limit 2 Calculation (2 x 25) + 30 = S$80.00

In this case, the higher number is S$100.00. This is the maximum concession amount for the order in this example. The maximum return shipping concession will be S$60.00 (2*S+S$10) and the remaining S$40.00 will be the maximum allowed in other concessions related to the order.

Example 2

Product Price S$16.00
Original Shipping Cost S$8.00
Total S$24.00
Limit 1 Calculation 0.5 x 24 = S$12.00
Limit 2 Calculation (2 x 8) + 30 = S$46.00

In this case, the higher number is S$46.00. The maximum return shipping concession for this order will be S$26.00 (2*S+S$10) and the remaining S$20.00 will be the maximum allowed in other concessions.

Note: When the Limit 2 calculation results in the higher number, the maximum amount in the Other Concession field will always be S$20.00.

Concession amounts can be issued to the buyer in addition to the product price and shipping. Sellers can continue to issue refunds and concessions for an order until all limits are exhausted.

Billing for Concessions

Concessions are processed in relation to a specific order. However, because concessions are not refunds of order costs, concessions are not adjusted for order-related Amazon fees. Such adjustments are only made when original order amounts (such as product price and shipping) are refunded to the buyer. Accordingly, the full amount of the concession is debited from the seller account.

Concessions are displayed in the Other line-item on the Payments Summary page. The Other line-item in the Summary view also includes refunds of order costs not displayed separately in the summary, such as shipping. Therefore, a shipping refund and a return shipping concession for the same order will be aggregated on your summary.

In the Transaction Details display, the Other refund amount gives a breakdown of order refunds and concessions. In this view, a shipping refund will be displayed as Shipping while a return shipping concession will be displayed as an Other transaction. In addition, Return Shipping Concessions and Other Concessions are consolidated in a single Other line-item. If you issue a S$10 Return Shipping Concession and a S$20 Other Concession, you will see a S$30 Other amount.

For a detailed view of concession amounts for a specific order, use the refund view in Manage Orders. The Partial Refund view will give the fullest breakdown of amounts refunded or issued as concessions. By returning to the original refund page in Manage Orders, you can see specific order and concession amounts that have already been issued to the buyer as well as any available amounts remaining.

Concession amounts will be debited from the seller's account and balanced against available funds. Negative account balances may be handled in any manner permitted under the terms of your selling agreement.

Concession Processing for Buyers

Concessions are issued to the payment instrument the buyer used for their order. This means that the buyer will see a credit on their statement if they used a credit card for the order. If the buyer used both a credit card and an Amazon gift card or gift certificate for their order, the concession amount will be applied to the credit card. If both a concession amount and an order refund are issued, the buyer will see two entries on their statement.

Concessions and Seller Performance

Concessions do not contribute to the refund percentage in your seller performance metrics. If one or more products in an order are fully refunded, then the order is counted as a refunded order and is included in your Refund Rate.

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