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What is the Individual selling plan?

The Individual selling plan is a pay-as-you-go plan that provides access to a basic set of listing and order management tools. Individual sellers can create listings one at a time by matching their products to existing pages or creating new pages in the Amazon catalogue.

Individual sellers do not pay fees to Amazon unless an item sells.

Benefits of the Individual selling plan

If you do not need access to volume selling tools or Amazon Marketplace Web Service APIs, you may find that an Individual selling plan is more cost effective than paying a monthly subscription fee as a Professional seller. Instead of a monthly subscription fee, Individual sellers pay a per-item fee when the item sells, in addition to the applicable referral fees. Learn more about selling plans and fees. For more specific information about fees for Individual sellers and Professional sellers, see the Selling on Amazon fee schedule.

Which selling plan is right for you?

Here is a simple cost-benefit analysis that might help in deciding whether to switch your selling plan. At a pay-as-you-go rate of S$1.00 (GST excl.) per order, you would need at least 30 sales per month to offset a S$29.95 (GST excl.) monthly subscription fee: 30 x S$1.00 fixed closing fee = S$30.00 . If you have fewer than 30 sales per month or if you have seasonal fluctuations in your sales, the Individual selling plan may be right for you.

Learn more about the differences between Professional and Individual selling plans. On that page, you will also find instructions for switching your selling plan. You can easily switch between the Individual and Professional selling plans when you need access to additional features or when it becomes cost-effective for you to use the Professional selling plan.

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