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Label products

Amazon systems are barcode-driven. Each product you send to a fulfilment centre requires a barcode so that it can be tracked throughout the fulfilment process.

Label Products is the third step in the six-step shipment creation process:

  1. Set Quantity
  2. Prepare Products
  3. Label Products
  4. Review Shipments
  5. Prepare Shipment
  6. Summary

Label products

Products that do not qualify for Stickerless, Commingled Inventory must have FBA labels in order to be received at Amazon's fulfilment centres. By selecting the Labelling required filter on the Label Products page, you can view the products in your plan that require labels.

For products that require Amazon barcodes, you must apply a barcode to each unit of the product and cover any existing barcodes. When applying a barcode label, cover the original manufacturer barcode (UPC, EAN, ISBN). Failure to cover these barcodes can cause errors in receiving and may result in misplaced inventory. Do not cover any serial number barcodes which uniquely identify the item (for example, IMEI barcodes on mobile phone packaging). If the proximity of multiple barcodes prevents you from applying a label without obscuring the serial number barcode, then place the item in a transparent poly bag and apply the Amazon barcode to the outside of the bag. Serial numbers must also be clearly visible as Amazon may record them. Obscured serial number barcodes may result in unplanned prep fees or classifying the item as unsellable.

Print labels

You have several options for printing product labels:

  • You can print labels from the Label Products page by entering the desired label quantity in the # of labels to print column for each product in your shipping plan and selecting the Print Label button.
  • You can also print labels from the Amazon-Fulfilled Inventory page. The option is located under the drop-down menu for Apply to # Selected Item(s).
  • You can print labels from the Manage Inventory page by choosing your products and selecting Print Item Labels from the Actions drop-down menu.
  • If you have a barcode scanner, you can use FBA Scan & Ship feature to create labels for your products. Learn more about Scan & Ship.

If you have selected Amazon in the Who prepares? column of the Prepare Products page for a given product, then you will be required to use the FBA Label Service, and "Amazon" will be automatically applied to the Who labels? column. If you are prepping a product yourself, then you may still use Amazon Labelling by selecting "Amazon" in the Who labels? column on the Label Products page. Labelling fees will apply to all units that Amazon labels.

Amazon can only label products that have an product identifier (UPC, EAN or JAN) on the product itself. Refer to FBA Label Service and FBA Prep Service for additional information and fees.

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Tip: Before shipping products to an Amazon fulfilment centre, confirm that the product barcodes match the ASINs listed on your shipping plan. Amazon fulfilmentment centres will not receive products with barcodes that do not correlate to the ASINs listed on your shipping plan. If you frequently ship to multiple marketplaces, make sure that the barcodes on your products are eligible for the marketplaces you are shipping to.
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