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FBA inventory

A legacy shipment creation workflow

Use the tools in your seller account to list products, create shipping plans, send in shipments, track and monitor your shipments, and remove inventory from Amazon fulfilment centres.

Manage FBA inventory

Send inventory to Amazon

Note: Once your inventory is received at a fulfilment centre or receive centre, it is available for sale. You can track the status of your shipment in the Shipping Queue as it changes from In transit to Delivered, Checked in, Receiving, and Closed. To learn more, go to How Amazon receives and stores your inventory.

Options for creating shipments include the following:

  • Send to Amazon: A streamlined shipment creation workflow with simplified steps that saves you time when replenishing inventory. You can create your shipments either by adding products from the Send to Amazon page or by uploading the list of products using an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Send/replenish inventory to Amazon: A legacy shipment creation workflow that should be used if you want to use Amazon Global Logistics to ship inventory from China.
  • Amazon Marketplace Web Service or Selling Partner API: For medium to large shipments. You can integrate your own inventory systems using Amazon APIs.
Note: By default, when you create a shipping plan, your shipment may be divided into multiple shipments, each directed to a different fulfilment centre. The fulfilment centres are selected based on the products you're shipping and where you are shipping from. With your inventory spread across multiple fulfilment centres across the country, customers who buy your products can get them delivered faster than they would if your inventory was located farther away.

Track and reconcile shipments

  • Track your shipment: Track your shipments to Amazon and the status of each shipment in the Shipping Queue.
  • Reconcile your shipment: Identify and resolve any discrepancies between what is listed in your shipping plan and what is received at the fulfilment centre.

Remove inventory from an Amazon fulfilment centre

Manage Multi-Channel Fulfilment inventory (may not be available)

Manage FBA orders

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