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Fix stranded inventory

Stranded inventory is inventory in a fulfilment centre that is not available for sale on Amazon. Inventory can become stranded because of a variety of reasons. For example, the listing is suppressed or was never created, resulting in inventory stored in a fulfilment centre that is accumulating storage fees, but cannot be sold because the offer is not active.

Important: Amazon holds stranded inventory for 30 days after the initial notification. If, after 30 days, there is still no active offer or no removal order has been submitted, stranded inventory may be disposed of in accordance with FBA policies. See Required Removals for more information.

If you have stranded inventory, a Fix Stranded Inventory link appears at the top of the Manage Inventory page. If you cannot see this link, you do not have stranded inventory.

Resolve stranded inventory issues

You can use the tools on the Fix Stranded Inventory page to resolve your issues that result in stranded inventory. For additional information, see the Stranded Inventory report.

  1. On the Fix Stranded Inventory page, review the products in the list. Click on the checkboxes in the left column to select multiple products. Use the Action on [number] selected button above the list to apply an action to the products you selected. Each line in the list also has a button in the right-hand column to apply actions for individual products:
    • Convert to Fulfilled by Amazon converts a Merchant Fulfilled listing to a Fulfilled by Amazon listing and activates your listing for that product. If you want to fill orders for this product yourself as well as through FBA, you need two listings, one for each fulfilment method.
    • Create a new listing creates a new offer details page for that product. Complete the offer details and click Save and Finish to activate your listing.
    • Create removal order begins the removal order process. Create removal order appears when your items are in a condition not suitable for purchase. For more information about removing your inventory, see Remove inventory (overview).
    • Relist opens the existing offer details page. Review and revise the offer details and click Save and finish to activate your listing.
  2. Complete the details for your stranded inventory based on the selection available for that product.

You can also update all of your stranded inventory at once by using a tab-delimited (.txt) file. For more information, see Bulk Fix Stranded Inventory.

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