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FBA prohibited products

It is your responsibility to know whether or not the products you are shipping are regulated as hazardous materials. Hazardous materials that are shipped to Amazon fulfilment centres may be subject to disposal without reimbursement, even if they have not been previously identified by Amazon as hazardous materials.

Important: Failure to comply with FBA product preparation requirements, safety requirements and product restrictions may result in the refusal, disposal or return of inventory at your expense, the blocking of future shipments to the fulfilment centre, charges for additional preparation or for non-compliance, the suspension or your selling privileges or regulatory fines. Certain products may be eligible for sale on Amazon, but are not eligible for Fulfilment by Amazon. It is your responsibility to ensure that the products you send to us comply with all applicable legal regulations and are approved for sale in Singapore.

All sellers, including those participating in FBA, must comply with the Amazon Restricted Products policy and related policies. In addition, sellers participating in FBA must also comply with FBA-specific product restrictions. The following products cannot be sold through FBA:

  • Any product that cannot be lawfully imported into, received, possessed, sent, distributed, forwarded, delivered and/or disposed of, for the purposes of sale in Singapore. This includes:
    • Products that are prohibited from import into Singapore, as listed in the Singapore Customs website.
    • Any product that is regulated as a “Controlled Good” by Enterprise Singapore (ESG) that has not been registered with ESG and labelled with a valid SAFETY Mark. ESG has designated 33 product types as “Controlled Goods” including AC adaptors, computers, audio and video products, hair dryers, blenders, coffee makers and cooking appliances. Please refer to ESG’s website for more information on the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations and ESG’s List of Controlled Goods for more information.
    • Any product that does not meet applicable safety requirements, including ESG’s Consumer Goods Safety Requirements.
    • Universal socket outlets (both wall/mains and portable) that have not been registered with ESG and labelled with a valid SAFETY mark. This includes plug/travel adapters that contain universal socket outlets.
    • Any food containing prohibited ingredients or additives or any prepacked food where the package does not bear a label containing all the particulars required by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA). For more information, see the Sale of Food Act, the Food Regulations and SFA’s website.
    • Any obscene or party political film or video game or a film or video game that has not been classified by the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) and affixed with the applicable classification label. For more information, see the Films Act, the Films (Classification and Licensing) Regulations and IMDA’s website.
  • Any product with labels that were not properly registered with Amazon before shipment or that do not match the product that was registered
  • Any product that does not comply with any agreement between Amazon and the seller
  • Any product that has been illegally replicated, reproduced or manufactured
  • Any product where blade points are exposed at any time during the fulfilment process
  • Any product that Amazon otherwise determines is unsuitable
  • Any product that:
    • Is greater than 150 cm in length, weighs more than 30 kg or has a girth of more than 3m: girth = (2 x height) + (2 x width) + length
    • May result in a shipment that Amazon reasonably designates as requiring Less-Than-Truckload Shipment carrier handling
    • Is a liquid item in packaging containing volume of more than 1L or not having secure, sturdy closures that can withstand the stress of direct-to-customer fulfilment
    • Consists of pellets and granular items that are not packaged in leak-proof containers able to withstand the vigorous shake and drop test (drop from a height of 125 cm)
Important: For more about FBA label requirements, please refer to the FBA Labelled Inventory help page. Items must be lot-controlled and the remaining shelf-life must be greater than 18 months from the time of receipt by Amazon. Products that are within 45 days of the expiry date will be removed for disposal by Amazon. Destroyed items will not be available for return to the seller.

Hazardous materials and dangerous goods

In addition, products that are regulated as hazardous materials (Hazmat) by any applicable legislation, including but not limited to the list below, are not eligible for Fulfilment by Amazon.

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, you can view the legislation in your language by toggling the language in the landing page drop-down menu.

In some cases, lithium ion and lithium metal batteries or products containing those batteries either within or with the main product, are eligible for Fulfilment by Amazon as long as the required information is provided. For more information, see Requirements for Lithium Batteries or Products that Contain Lithium Batteries.

To learn more about selling hazardous materials using FBA, see:

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