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A+ content FAQ & troubleshooting

Why did I receive an error saying my ASIN was not recognised as part of my brand?

This message means that the ASIN is not properly being mapped to your brand. This is usually caused by inaccurate listing data on the ASIN, which you can fix by editing. The most common data points that need updating are:

  1. Brand name mismatch: The brand name listed on the ASIN does not match the brand name as approved by Amazon's Brand Registry. These need to match 100%. Adding spaces or hyphens will lead to a mismatch.
    Note: Brand name is case sensitive.
  2. Inaccurate Global Trade Item Number or Key Attribute. Your ASIN listing data must include a Global Trade Item Number (UPC, EAN, JAN) that is correct and consistent with your brand. The most common Global Trade Item Number/Key Attributes are:
    • UPC
    • Part number
    • Model number
    • Style number
    • Catalogue number
  3. Categorisation: The item type category which closely matches with the ASIN product type should be selected in the listing details.

If you still receive this error after verifying these data points, contact Brand Registry for assistance.

I received an error message that an ASIN has a retail contribution. Why is that?

This message means that the ASIN already has A+ content contributed by a retail vendor at Amazon. We are currently unable to give you access to add A+ content to these ASINs.

Why am I getting an error that says “Remove the following keywords from your content before submitting”?

All text entered in A+ content, including in text boxes, image keywords and text embedded in images are subject to both automated and manual review and validation against a list of prohibited keywords and keywords that may be prohibited in certain contexts. When A+ content systems detect one or more prohibited keywords in your content, A+ content will prevent you from submitting until the words are removed. Search your text boxes, image keywords and text embedded in your images for the keywords used while uploading your product images. Remove the text and resubmit by clicking Preview > Submit.

What should I do if I see “reduce KB size” when I preview my content?

Our system has a maximum size limitation for the content you submit. This is a system requirement that cannot be overridden, so you must fix it before submitting. If you receive this error, then you likely need to reduce the file size of the images you attempted to upload or reduce the number of images added. All templates can have content added to every slot and still remain within the size limit if you adjust the image file size properly.

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