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Infant Formula

Important: If you supply products for sale on Amazon, you must comply with all laws and Amazon policies that are applicable to those products and product listings.

If you list infant formula (i.e. Stage 1 or Stage 2 formula for babies below 12 months), it is your responsibility to ensure that your product’s packaging, as well as product details and images on the detail page, do not contain any prohibited claims or images. For more information, visit The Sale of Infant Foods Ethics Committee Singapore (SIFECS) Code of Ethics and the Food Regulations.

Examples of prohibited claims:

  1. Claims which state, suggest or imply that the infant formula or a component, ingredient, constituent or other feature of the infant formula, has, or may have, a health effect (e.g. “helps support baby’s immune system” and “brain and eye development”)
  2. Claims which directly or indirectly compares the infant formula, or a component ingredient, constituent or other feature of the infant formula, to breast milk
  3. Claims that unfairly attack and discredit other company’s products
  4. A word like “humanized” or “materialized”, or words of similar import
  5. A claim which directly idealizes the use or effect of the infant formula

Examples of prohibited images:

  1. An image of an infant or infants (whether or not accompanied by text)
  2. An image of a pregnant woman or nursing woman (whether or not accompanied by text)

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