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Energy efficiency labelling and standards

If you list a product that falls under the Mandatory Energy Labelling Scheme (MELS) and Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS), it is your responsibility to ensure that the proper Energy Label is displayed on the product and detail pages. The Energy Conservation Act requires that all regulated goods are:

  • registered
  • affixed with the relevant Energy Label, before they can be supplied for sale
The NEA’s guidelines also provide that Energy Labels must be displayed on all website and online stores.

You may need to contact the product manufacturer or importer to obtain the proper label to comply with the Energy Conservation Act.

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Products requiring Energy Labels

Selling Partners should ensure they comply with Energy Label requirements for all regulated goods including:

  • Televisions
  • Air-conditioners
  • Clothes dryers
  • Lamps
  • Refrigerators
  • Induction motors
  • Ballasts for fluorescent lamps

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Selling Partners can display Energy Labels on detail pages by:

  • Displaying a photo of the Energy Label affixed to the specific product; or
  • Providing the Energy Label on the product description page

Additional information

For more information on Energy Efficiency Labelling, the MELS and MEPS refer to:

If you want to speak directly to the National Environment Agency regarding the MELS and MEPS, their contact details are:

Tel: +65 6731 9952


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