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Selling restrictions on controlled goods

Shopping with confidence is one of the highest priorities of Amazon. In order to ensure the products available on Amazon are in compliance with local regulations, we have identified certain products (see listing below) where you must apply and submit documents showing that the products are safe for customers. These document requirements apply to Singapore-based sellers and sellers using the Fulfilment by Amazon service. This is in addition to products and content that we classify as restricted.

How to list products with selling restrictions

  1. Go to Catalogue and click Add Products on Seller Central.
  2. Insert the ASIN or other product code in the search box.
  3. Under the product picture and information, click Listing Limitations apply and Request Approval.
  4. Upload the required documentation for the products you intend to list. Depending on the product you are applying for and how you acquire the products we may ask for documents to include:
    • A purchase invoice from a manufacturer or distributor of the product.
    • Proof that the product complies with Singapore safety standards and requirements.
  5. Submit the application. Within a few days, our seller support applications team will either approve the application or reach out for more information.

If you wish to sell a product that is not currently offered on Amazon but requires approval, first create the product. Once the product is created, it will be put in inactive status on the Manage Inventory page. Click Edit and apply to list the product.

If you have applied to sell previously and have not heard back, or if you need to complete a draft application, go to Catalogue > Add Products on Seller Central and click Selling Application Status.

Product types that are restricted due to safety risk

  • Baby Products and Toys
  • Universal socket outlets (both wall/mains and portable) that have not been registered with ESG and labelled with a valid SAFETY mark. This includes plug/travel adapters that contain universal socket outlets.

Enterprise Singapore (ESG) is the consumer safety regulator. ESG has designated the following 33 product types as Controlled Goods:

  • Audio and video products
  • Fans
  • Gas cooking appliances
  • 3-pins mains plugs
  • 3-pin portable socket-outlets
  • Mains socket-outlets
  • Water heaters
  • Stationary cooking appliances
  • Hair care appliances
  • Liquid heating appliances
  • Toasters, grills, roasters, hot plates, deep fryers and similar appliances
  • Lamp control gear
  • Air cooler
  • AC adapter
  • Coffee makers, slow cookers, steam boats and similar appliances
  • Decorative lighting chain
  • Home computer system (inclusive of monitor, printer, speaker and other mains operated accessories)
  • Iron
  • Microwave oven
  • Kitchen machines
  • Refrigerator
  • Rice cooker
  • Room air-conditioner
  • Table or standing lamp
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Washing machine
  • Components of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas system
  • Gas canister
  • Fuse (13-amp or less) for use in a 13-amp plug
  • Multi-way adaptor
  • Domestic electric wall switch
  • Residual current circuit breaker (RCCB)
  • Isolating transformer for downlight fitting

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what types of products have selling restrictions?

Refer to the product groups above. To learn more about Controlled Goods and the requirements to sell these products, please visit:

What are the documents required to sell these products?

If you are based in Singapore, or using the Fulfilment by Amazon service, we require documents that show that the products you wish to sell on Amazon are safe for customers. In particular, we will require an image of your product or its packaging clearly showing a SAFETY Mark including a valid 8-digit registration number.

What if I do not have those documents?

You can obtain most of these documents from your supplier.

Where can I find more information about document requirements?


Can I list my products using an inventory file or API?

If you list products using an inventory file or API, you will receive an error message in case any of your products are restricted for any reason. Additionally, these products will appear in the Manage Inventory page as inactive. Click Edit and Request Approval to apply for approval. Once you are approved to sell in that category, you can either activate your products one by one in the Manage Inventory page, or re-upload the inventory file to activate the products in bulk.

How do I list these products in other marketplaces?

If you wish to sell Controlled Goods in other marketplaces, you may need to apply in each marketplace individually depending on the requirements of that marketplace.

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