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Prime Exclusive Discount FAQ

Can I schedule a discount even when some products are invalid?

Yes. You can submit a discount for scheduling even if there are some products which are still not valid. Please note, only the products with status Ready to Submit and Ready to Delete will be submitted. You can always to return to the Review page to edit or delete the invalid products.

Some product(s) in my Prime Exclusive Discount got suppressed. What does it mean?

This means that the Prime Exclusive Discount for the product has been removed temporarily. At the time of submission and even after submission, we periodically check whether products on which a discount is offered meet or continue to meet the eligibility criteria. Suppression of discount indicates that your product has stopped fulfilling one or more of the eligibility criteria for Prime Exclusive Discount. The Prime Exclusive Discount for your product will be automatically reactivated if a later check finds your suppressed product meeting eligibility criteria again.

Why did the discount in product get suppressed although it was valid earlier?

At the time of submission of a discount and thereafter, we periodically check whether products on which a discount is offered meet or continue to meet the eligibility criteria. The discount on a product not meeting the eligibility criteria will be suppressed.

How much is the fee to set-up a Prime Exclusive Discount?

There is no fee to offer a Prime Exclusive Discount.

What types of Prime Exclusive Discount are available?

Prime Exclusive Discount can either be set-up as percentage-off or amount-off. You can provide minimum discounted price floor for each product.

How soon can a Prime Exclusive Discount start?

Always 12:00 a.m. local standard time of the country on start date. If your start date is today, then the discount may take up to 120 minutes to go live.

I am not seeing Prime Exclusive Discount in the product detail page although I have already submitted it.

Prime Exclusive Discount can take up to two hours to propagate. If you do not find your discount even after two hours from start time, then:

  1. your product might not be winning the buy box, or
  2. the SKU has been suppressed for other reasons.

Please check More Buying Choice section of the ASIN. If you do not find your discount in More Buying Choices and the SKU does not have an active Sale Price, then the discount on your SKU might have been suppressed for other reasons. Please visit the Prime Exclusive Discount in Seller Central for details.

Why is the Discount Price in the detail lower than the discount I had specified when scheduling the discount?

Creating multiple promotions and discounts on the same product can result in customers combining them for significant discounts. Please review your products carefully before scheduling.

I have made a mistake while creating the discount and I have already submitted the discount. How do I fix the discount?

You can always edit a discount or remove or add products to a discount. For more information, see details here.

What happens to a Prime Exclusive Discount if I change the regular price (that is, your price in Manage Your Inventory page) of a participating product?

The discounted price of the impacted product will automatically adjust by the percentage-off or amount-off you indicated while scheduling the discount. If the resulting adjusted price is below the minimum discounted price you mentioned while scheduling, then the Prime Exclusive Discount will be suppressed. Your product’s regular offer will not be impacted.

How do I reactivate a suppressed Prime Exclusive Discount for a product?

The Prime Exclusive Discount for your product will be automatically reactivated if a later check finds your suppressed product meeting eligibility criteria again. Separately, you can edit the details of the product to fix any issue that triggered suppression.

How can I check the status of my Prime Exclusive Discount(s)?

You can know the status of your saved Prime Exclusive Discount(s) from the Prime Exclusive Discounts homepage at Seller Central. Your discount will have one of the three statuses below:

  • Scheduled: All submitted SKUs successfully validated and discount is submitted. There is no action needed from you.
  • Needs Attention: Either your discount is not submitted yet OR if your discount was submitted, then one or more of the submitted discounts are in suppressed stage.
  • Expired: Your discount has ended.

How do I download a report?

To download a report, you can go to the Prime Exclusive Discount section on Seller Central. Choose Download Report under View Details from the action cell corresponding to the discount for which you want to download a report.

One of my products in a Prime Exclusive Discount is in an overlapping Lightning Deal for only 4 hours. Will the discount on my product get suppressed for those 4 hours only?

The discount on the product will get suppressed 2 hours before the start of the Lightning Deals. It can take up to one hour after the Lightning Deal ends for the product to reactivate. Please note, running a Prime Exclusive Discount will impact the maximum Deal Price of Lightning Deals for a product.

Some of my products are in a regular promotion. Will the Prime Exclusive Discount stack over regular promoted price?

Regular promotion or coupon will stack on top of Prime Exclusive Discount. That is, Prime Exclusive Discount will get combined with an overlapping promotion or coupon.

Can I add products to a discount after the discount creation deadline for events such as Prime Day, Black Friday etc.?

No, you will not be able to add the products. You will be able to edit your already submitted discounts.

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